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Title Page Generator

Best Title Page Maker To Ease Your Study

Title page generatoris an automatic system that helps you create the front page of your academic paper. A generator for a title gives you a professional title page with a unique touch.

Generating the title for a particular paper is no mean feat. That is why we developed this brilliant title page creator to get you going. Our expert writers first studied every element involved in generating a page title before setting up this title page maker.

With its magnificent features, you can be sure of getting nothing but the crème de la crème. Our title page generator is a work of art and a masterpiece of its own because of the following features:

  • 它has a fast page load time
  • 它does not display unnecessary ads and graphics
  • 它has a user-friendly interface with eye-sensitive colors
  • Our title page maker uses superior algorithms to give precise titles
  • All the results generated from our essay cover page are plagiarism-free

You do not have to be a computer guru to start using our APA title page generator – all you need are hands and eyes!

How To Work With Our MLA/Harvard/APA Title Page Generator

You can create a title page with our generator in the following simple steps:

  1. First, select the style for your paper.
  2. 进入运行头(缩写标题的哟ur paper)
  3. Proceed to insert the title of your article in the ‘Title’ tab
  4. Enter your First name and Last name
  5. Finally, enter the details of your institution

To get your title page, you will click on the ‘Generate’ at the end of the instruction form.

Major Types Of Title Page Formats

Our machine can generate any page regardless of the page that you choose. Here are the main types of page formats that are available:

  1. APA 6,
  2. APA 7,
  3. MLA, and
  4. Harvard

Below is a brief description of these major types.

APA 6 Formatting Style

APA citation is standard when citing sources in psychology, education, and social sciences. This 6th version of the American Psychological Association (APA) format contains the following sections:

  • A running head with a page number
  • The title of your paper is one or two lines long
  • The full name of the author(s)
  • The details of the institution

Any additional information will come on a separate line below the institution. The APA title page generator will produce a page that adheres to the following principles of APA 6:

  • 1 inch (2.54 cm) margins
  • 12 pt. Times New Roman
  • Double line spacing

The recommended title length is no more than 12 words. The title is in regular type (not bold).

How to create a running head in APA 6 – it should be:

  • Aligned to the left
  • Capitalized
  • Have a maximum of 50 characters

Example of APA cover page citation with multiple authors:

Two authors:Martin K. Werner and Gregory Fabian

新York University, New York.

Three authors, one affiliation:Jane P. Meyer, Peter Mendel, and Irene H. Kotler

University of California, Berkeley

The running head of your paper will look like this:


APA 7 Formatting Style

它is the 7th edition of the American Psychological Association, updated in 2009. Unlike the 6th edition, there is no prescribed limit for title length (though recommendation for conciseness). It contains the following information:

  • Title of the paper
  • Author’s name
  • Department and name of the institution
  • Course number and name
  • Instructor’s name
  • Due date of the assignment

You should format the APA title page in the following manner:

  • Double spaced
  • Centered alignment
  • Bold type
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word safe for small words such as articles and short prepositions

Our APA cover page generator adheres to all these formatting guidelines and gives you a professional title page.

Sample APA 7 formatting with multiple authors:

Two authors: Jeffrey W. Kennedy and Arthur Shawn

More than two authors: Matthew K. Roberts, Philip Shoemaker, Diana M. Winfrey, and Jason Warbeck

The title page will also consist of a page number in the top-right corner with a running head, as seen in APA 6. Remember that the maximum length of the running head remains to be 50 characters.

MLA Formatting Style

MLA现代语言协会标准。它gives guidelines on how to format manuscripts and cite research in writing arts and humanities papers. MLA also offers writers a system for referencing their sources through parenthetical citation in their documents.

Our MLA title page generator will give you a paper with the following sections:

  • Paper title
  • Author’s name
  • Date
  • Course details

With our resourceful MLA title page generator, you will achieve the following formatting guidelines:

  • Double-space
  • Centered alignment
  • 12 pt. Times New Roman font
  • Capitalized the first letter of each word except concise words
  • 它does not have a page number heading
  • How to make an MLA cover page:
  • Begin with the name of your school at the top of the page
  • Type the title of your research after skipping approximately 1/3 of the page
  • Write your subtitle on the line after the paper title
  • Write your first and last name after skipping down to the bottom third of the paper
  • Enter the remaining details in the subsequent lines that follow.

Using our sophisticated MLA cover page maker, you can achieve all this in few minutes. Try our MLA title page generator today!

Harvard Formatting Style

The formatting for the Harvard cover page is particular and well-organized. Our Harvard title page generator explicitly meets all these requirements. The parts of the cover page are:

  • A shortened version of the paper title in the header and aligned to the right (preceded by the page number)
  • Halfway through the page is the full title (in capital letters)
  • Three lines from the title are the author's name
  • Other details such as those of the class and professor come four lines down

Remember that a title page in Harvard style must have the institution’s logo. Other specifications are:

  • 12-point Times New Roman Font type
  • 1-inch margins

Since Harvard style does not have an official manual as the others, there might be variations. However, you can trust our efficient Harvard title page generator to do an excellent job for you!

How Our Title Page Generator Can Improve Your Scores

College and university students using our machine benefit in the following ways:

  • Accurate and correct formatting styles
  • Expert advice in case of a problem
  • Freely available templates for practice

With these and many other features, we guarantee you top grades. We also offer professional research paper writing help for those wishing to learn how to create a title page on their own.

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