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Writing about yourself or about your achievements and aspirations shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Unfortunately, it seems that it is. Let’s face it: writing a personal statement can be tough, especially if you haven’t done it before. And writing a good personal statement is even more difficult, especially when your admission to college or university depends on it.


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We know how much is at stake, so we’re prepared to offer you the best and most affordable help on the market today. We have a specialized team of personal statement writers and editors who are ready to craft you a personal statement that will impress the admissions committee at your future school or the human resources officers at your future employer. We have more than a decade of industry experience, so we can assure you that your personal statement will be perfect.

We know, you can find freelancers who boast about their experience with personal statements. But do you really want to trust a stranger you’ve met in a chat room or on a forum them with your future? Here at MyPaperWriter, we provide students with genuine guarantees – as well as with unlimited revisions for free. Your statement will be ready on time and will not require any additional work on your part.

Get Help With Writing Personal Statement From Experts

When it comes to writing your personal mission statement, you need a team of experienced people who know what they’re doing. We have just the team you’ve been looking for. All of our writers hold at least one PhD degree and they are all native English speakers. In addition, they have years of experience writing personal statements for clients all around the world.

We know how to write statement papers for school admissions, statement papers for job applications, statement papers for undergraduates, statements for the UCAS application, and even personal statements for scholarships. Here are just some of the things that differentiate our writers from all others you may find online:

  • They have extensive experience writing all kinds of personal statements.
  • They know how to follow directions, but can also think on their own and bring a personal touch to each and every paper that they write.
  • They use the information they gather from you to craft an impressive, to the point personal statement.
  • They adhere to their deadlines, no matter what. We do not tolerate people who do not deliver on time.
  • They don’t come up with excuses to not do their work.
  • They will never overcharge you. You will only pay what we invoice you before work starts.
  • There are many other things that make our writers the best in the business, but talking about their achievements is not the purpose of this page.

Writing Personal Statement: Tips, Tricks And Advice

Let’s talk a bit about the personal statement. If you’re trying to write it yourself, we are more than happy to provide you with some tips, tricks and advice that will surely help you do a better job. Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind when writing such a paper:

  1. Always start by reading the instructions carefully. Some schools have specific questions they expect you to answer. Also, you may have a length limit.
  2. When writing the personal statement, focus on yourself and on your achievements and aspirations. The admission committee is not interested to learn everything about each of the courses you took or about which places you’ve volunteered for.
  3. Be enthusiastic in your writing and show a real interest in the school or job you are pursuing.
  4. Make effective use of powerful verbs and words that have an impact. As many people say, show don’t tell!
  5. 组织你的论文以逻辑的方式。这意味着s you need to use paragraphs where appropriate.
  6. Check your sentence structure for flaws and eliminate them during the editing phase.
  7. Use active voice as much as possible and use first person as much as possible. This paper is about YOU.
  8. Don’t forget to talk about your goals. What do you aim for once your get admitted to the school or you get the job?
  9. Do not restate your resume in your personal statement.
  10. Do not discuss personal weaknesses in your personal statement.
  11. Don’t lie and avoid being dramatic. Be objective and talk about the real you.

Assistance With Writing Residency Personal Statement

We know, the medical residency personal statement is definitely something you want to write perfectly from the very first try. This is why you should get help in writing a personal statement from our team of qualified medical writers and editors. They have been writing personal statement for residency for years, so they know exactly what the admissions committee is looking for.

We can help you apply for residency programs through both ERAS and CaRMS (in Canada). No matter the program or the requirements, we can assure you that our team can help you. We will present your best reasons to choose that specialty, talk about your experience, discuss the most important reasons why you are applying to the program, and finally present your future career plans. Don’t worry, your residency personal statement will be perfect and the committee will absolutely love it!

Need Help Writing A Personal Statement For Medical School?

Getting into medical school can sometimes require more than top grades. It may require an awesome personal statement that shows the admissions committee that you are the perfect choice for their school. The paper should present you and provide some insights into your passions. We will make sure to show the professors why and how you have taken the ultimate decision to pursue a medical career.

In addition, our expert writers will highlight your most relevant skills as well as emphasize on the things that make you a great choice for any medical school. In the end, the admissions committee will have no option but to approve your application. How do we know this, you ask? Because we have written hundreds of personal statements for medical school over the years and the outcome has been the same almost every time. We have a very high success rate.

Writing A Personal Statement For Law School: Things To Keep In Mind

We’ll have to agree, it takes time and effort to get into law school. And did you know that one of the most important parts of your application is the personal statement? Yes, everyone can write a cover letter or a resume. However, the admissions committee wants to see more than that. They want to learn more about you, the applicant. What makes you a good choice for law school? Why did you choose to apply to their school in particular? What value can you bring to their school if they choose to accept your application? Our team can help you show the admission committee who you really are and why you would be an asset for their school.

Get Help With Writing A Personal Statement For College

Yes, getting into college can be a pretty stressful process. Aside from grades and exams, you also have to think about the personal statement paper. Many top US and UK colleges require it. They even set forth very specific requirements that you have to follow when writing your statement. It can all get very confusing, we know.

Taking into consideration how important the college application is, we would advise you to get some professional help. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get admitted to the best college in your area, so why would you refuse help from people know do this for a living?

MyPaperWriter: The Best Personal Statement Writing Service

By now you are probably wondering what makes us special and why would you want to use our professional personal statement writing services. After all, you want to be able to trust the people you work with. To make things as simple as possible, we have compiled a list of some of the most important reasons to get personal statement writing help from MyPaperWriter:

  • We only send quality content to our customers. Everything is edited and proofread by our team before being sent to the student.
  • You get a 100% Money Back guarantee that protects you from plagiarism, delays and poorly written content.
  • We back our writing services with a period of 10 days of free unlimited revisions.
  • We only work with ENL writers who have to pass rigorous testing.
  • All papers are written from scratch, according to the requirements received from the student.
  • Everything we send our clients is 100% original. You get a plagiarism report with every paper for free.
  • We can write your personal statement in as little as 3 hours, even during the night.
  • Our customer support department is online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you out.
  • You will get your personal statement on time, guaranteed.

Writing A Personal Vision Statement The Right Way

What is a personal vision statement, you ask? It’s a piece of writing that talks about your personal values. It’s also commonplace to include plenty of information on your goals, your values and your strengths. Are you interested in spiritual development? Or perhaps you want are seeking excellent economic opportunities. The personal vision statement is the mission statement that explains your personal goals and dreams.

Having Trouble Writing Your Personal Statement?

Don’t worry about it; our team of writers and editors is here to help. Get in touch with us, tell us a bit more about yourself, and let us do all the work. You won’t believe your eyes when you’ll read your own personal statement for the first time.

Our team of writers and editors has written thousands of personal statements that have helped students get admitted to top colleges in the US and the UK: California Institute of Technology, Brown University, Rice University, University of California Davis, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College of London, University of Manchester, and many others.

Things To Know When Writing A Personal Statement Assignment

There are several things you need to keep in mind while writing the personal statement:

  1. You need to mostly include information about yourself.
  2. You need to explain why you want to attend the course or win the job.
  3. You must emphasize on your passion for the subject.
  4. You must talk a bit about what kind of person or student you are.
  5. You need to discuss past experiences that relate to the subject.

If you need more help, get in touch with us and we can send you one or two examples of a nicely written personal statement.

Is Writing A Personal Statement For Postgraduate Course Difficult?

No, but you have to answer some important questions in your paper:

  • Who are you and why did you apply for the course?
  • Why did you choose that specific school?
  • What experience do you have in the field?
  • Why would the committee approve your application?
Write My Paper

These are just some of the questions our seasoned writers can help you answer in just 2 pages. All you have to do is send us some information about you, your education, your goals, and your successes. We’ll take it from there and craft an impressive personal statement in your name. Based on our experience, over 90% of the students we’ve helped managed to get into the school of their dreams. Are you ready to become one of them? Get in touch with us and tell us more about your goals and aspirations. We’ll do our best to help you achieve them.

Our Top-Notch Professional Personal Statement Writing Services

We have been providing top quality personal statement writing services for years, so we know what we are doing. We will carefully analyze the information you provide to us and choose to talk about only the most important experiences, dreams, skills, goals, and traits. We want to assure you that the end result will be a personal statement that will definitely stand out from all the rest. We’ll make sure you have the highest chance of getting into the school you want or getting the job you’re dreaming of.

We Can Help With Writing A Personal Statement For University

We are your best choice for writing a personal statement for grad school or university. In fact, we have written thousands of them over the years. Our writers know exactly how it should be written to captivate the attention of the admission committee members. An interesting, witty personal statement won’t be easily forgotten. Let’s talk more about how to get you into the university of your dreams!

Stuck Writing A Personal Brand Statement? No Problem!

个人品牌陈述仅仅是2或3句s long and tells your readers what you do and why you are the best in your field. Because it’s so condensed, every word you use is important. If you want a personal brand statement that people won’t forget, you need us. Our experienced writers will spend hours analyzing the information you provide about yourself and then revise the statement several times until it is perfect. Don’t forget, we can revise it for free if you don’t like it!

We Can Help With Writing A Personal Statement For Masters

If you need some help with applying to a Master’s program or just need assistance with writing personal mission statement, you have arrived at the right place. We can write your statement for any Master’s program overnight. You can contact us at any time of day or night and we’ll get it done by morning. You can then download it from our servers or we can send it to your email address for free.

经常Asked Questions

What do I write in a personal statement?

Of course, what you write in your personal statement depends on what you are writing it for. You can write about the reasons why you have made that specific choice (school, employer, etc.). You can also talk about your academic experience, talk about what makes you the perfect choice for the institution you are writing to, or even talk about your life’s aspirations.

How do you start writing a personal statement?

Generally speaking, the opening sentences of your personal statement should be simple and to the point. It’s a good idea to explain why you chose to apply to that school or for that job. Summarize this info in 2-3 sentences. Be as original as possible and don’t be afraid to include personal experiences here. Try to avoid clichés or opening sentences you find everywhere on the Internet.

How do you structure a personal statement?

While we do agree that there is no set structure that applies to all personal statements, we want to make it clear that personal statements with a good structure are easier to read and more compelling. You should aim to structure your paper into 3 main parts: explain why you are writing the personal statement in the first place, talk about your education or work experience, discuss your skills and highlight your interests.

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