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200 Excellent Research Paper Topics In 2021

When you join college for further studies, it is an exciting experience. But you also need to appreciate the numerous obligations that await you, especially writing research papers. When lecturers issue assignment prompts, many students feel overwhelmed and wonder: “where do I start?” The answer is straightforward: picking the right topic. So, how do you go about choosing the best topic for your research paper?

How to Select the Best Research Topics

Selecting the right topic for an assignment can be a serious challenge, especially if you are new to the subject. But even if you have some knowledge about the subject, crafting a winning topic can still be a monumental task since you need to strictly follow your lecturer instructions, and select relevant ideas. Here are some tips to help you craft a winning topic for your paper:

  • Select the topic from an area that you like.
  • Strictly follow your lecturer’s prompt.
  • Read about the subject widely.
  • Review other studies to identify knowledge gaps that need to be filled.
  • Follow the latest occurrences in the society and pick a topic that seeks to address them.

Note that no matter your area of study, be it sociology or biology among others, our expert writers at m.bb-laflora.com are at your service to help you craft the best topics, but if you want to try doing it yourself, here’s the list of our sample topics.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Argumentative research paper topics allow you to look at issues happening in the society, by exploring both sides of arguments. You might also want to lean on one side of the argument and try to convince the reader to agree with you. Here are some great topics to consider.

  1. Should all students have free internet access for learning?
  2. In the next few decades, French will be the official language in most countries.
  3. The government should ban all extreme sports.
  4. Parents should forbid their children from watching adult content.
  5. The advertisement industry is a big lie.
  6. Should we ban the use of steroids?
  7. Energetic drinks are more dangerous than alcohol.
  8. What are the best strategies to fight corruption in developing countries?
  9. People who use modern technology are less intelligent.
  10. Public cameras: Are they good for privacy?

Funny Research Paper Topics

We live in a society where interesting things are always happening and affecting our lives. So, if you want to write on such issues and occurrences, here are some great topics to consider for your research paper.

  1. Halloween: Why do we celebrate it?
  2. Exploring the benefits of using coffee.
  3. What are some of the best methods of funding travel around the globe?
  4. If you had a chance to turn into an animal, which one would you prefer?
  5. What is it like to be a transgender person?
  6. Legalizing gay marriages demonstrates that a country is developed.
  7. Alternative sources of energy: Why are they not effective?
  8. Women are better leaders than men.
  9. The benefits of using drug testing in schools.
  10. Are boys favored more than girts in society?

Business Topics for Research Paper

Business topics allow you to look into all aspects of running an enterprise. You can opt to look at management, human resources, or e-commerce among other areas of business operations. Here are some hot topics in business to consider for your paper.

  1. The benefits of good leadership in business.
  2. 时间管理和公司的发展。
  3. What are the best strategies for resolving conflict between business managers and staff?
  4. Is management by walking around effective?
  5. Analyze the impact of global warming on business.
  6. Corporate social responsibility in business: Is it necessary?
  7. What are the best strategies for expanding your business abroad?
  8. Outsourcing business services: What are the pros and cons?
  9. What are the best online marketing strategies for startups?
  10. 分析所使用的客户保留策略in two companies of your choice.

Captivating Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

If you are looking for Interesting Criminal Justice ideas for your research paper, here are some great ideas to consider.

  1. Evaluating the effectiveness of international criminal law court tools.
  2. Analyzing the origin of racial discrimination.
  3. A closer look at the justice system and juvenile criminals.
  4. Evaluating the comparative criminal procedure.
  5. What are some of the best decisions made by the US Supreme Court?
  6. Which countries have the best criminal justice system?
  7. Which countries have the worst criminal justice systems in the world?
  8. Suggesting the best methods of improving the family law.
  9. What are your thoughts about Islamic law?
  10. A closer look at the roles of the European patent office.

Art Research Paper Topics

If you have an art assignment, there are so many genres, styles, and movements that you can write on. Also, writing about art history, artists, and artwork allows you to see and appreciate changes over time. Consider using these top topics in art for extra thrill and top marks.

  1. Analyzing the history of Venetian carnival types of masks.
  2. Minimalism and art furniture: Are they related?
  3. Modern art and globalization.
  4. Video games: Demonstrate why they should be considered part of modern art.
  5. Is it possible to change culture through art?
  6. Analyzing the evolution of Chinese art.
  7. Application of art therapy in fighting PTSD syndrome.
  8. Five technologies that influence modern art.
  9. Use of art in ancient Egypt.
  10. Rock music: Should we consider it part of neo-classical art?

Health Research Paper Topics

Health workers are crucial pillars of a strong and successful society. Their roles come to the fore during times of medical pandemics, such as COVID-19. The pandemic started in Wuhan, China, before spreading to the entire globe like a bushfire, infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands. So, here are some excellent health research paper topics.

  1. COVID-19: Separating facts from fiction.
  2. 我们可以证明使用大麻吗?
  3. Internet: How does it influence our health?
  4. What are the main causes and transmission channels for coronavirus?
  5. Analyzing procedures of vaccine development.
  6. A closer look at the impacts of air pollution on human health.
  7. What are the pros and cons associated with alternative medicine?
  8. Vaccination in children: What are the pros and cons?
  9. Antibiotics: Why are the cases of resistance on the rise?
  10. The best strategies to treating insomnia.

Sociological Research Paper Topics

Sociology is an amazing subject because you get a chance to look at real things that affect people. So, whether you want to write about culture, social relationships or institutions, you will never miss something to write about. But we recommend that you go with the following outstanding topics for better grades.

  1. Analyze three social issues that marked the start of the 21st century.
  2. Women roles in society: How have they changed over time?
  3. Mechanisms of development and destruction in the society.
  4. What are the best methods of overcoming interpersonal conflicts?
  5. Come up with five strategies that can be used to curb child labor.
  6. Globalization: How has it impacted politics?
  7. Identity politics and how they impact the society.
  8. Catastrophes and their impacts on society: A case study of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
  9. Understanding life quality: What are the main parameters?
  10. A comparison of life quality dimensions in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Nursing Research Paper Topics

Are you studying nursing in a medical; school? Your assignments will require you to explore related theories, relationship between nurses and doctors, and nursing administration. Here are some of the top nursing research paper topics for success in nursing.

  1. The best strategies to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Alcohol addiction and how to overcome it.
  3. 为什么年代trategies for curbing obesity and overweight conditions failing?
  4. Teaching aged ladies about menopause management.
  5. Ethical problems in pain management.
  6. Getting ready for caesarean section.
  7. What are the main causes of anxiety disorders?
  8. Analyzing the roles of clinical nurses.
  9. What are the best strategies for preventing breast cancer?
  10. Should healthcare be made free in the entire globe?

Ethical Research Paper Topics

Ethics is one of the broadest subjects of study today. Indeed, it has a lot of applications that buttress to almost all other subjects. But to impress your lecturer and scoop top marks, here are some great topics to consider for your ethics assignment.

  1. Hunting: Is it ethical?
  2. Should we legalize abortion?
  3. Should ethics be a subject of study in school?
  4. Can we deal with overpopulation ethically?
  5. Forcing people to go to church: Is it ethical?
  6. Is it immoral to teach teenagers about sex?
  7. Is it possible to do everything right all the time?
  8. Exploring the potential negative effects of plastic surgery.
  9. Human cloning: Is it an idea whose time has come or a genetic disaster?
  10. What are the pros and cons of using vitamin supplements?

History Research Paper Topics

There is nothing as fulfilling as understanding the main occurrences in history that shaped the society as we know it today. To help you explore the most popular things in history and get high marks, consider using the followinghistory research paper topics.

  1. Comparing the effects of WWI and WWII.
  2. Why did USSR intend to invade Afghanistan?
  3. What were the main causes of the Cold War?
  4. Could WWII have been avoided?
  5. Discuss the most important events in the history of the Roman Empire.
  6. Education before the 19th century”: How did people learn languages?
  7. What does "trails of tears" imply in the history of the United States?
  8. Was the US justified in using the atomic bomb in Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945?
  9. Are the efforts installed after WWII ample to prevent WWIII?
  10. Women suffrage movements: What are some of their impacts?

Chemistry Research Paper Topics

If you want to ultimately become successful as a chemist, every assignment you get in college must be handled with seriousness. And this starts with picking the best topics for the assignments. So, here are some great topic ideas that will make you shine in chemistry.

  1. A closer look at developments in the Atomic Layer Deposition.
  2. Nanotoxicology in the environment.
  3. Atmospheric chemistry.
  4. Recent developments in adhesives chemistry.
  5. Understanding environmentally friendly plastics.
  6. 分析《生物高分子的重要性。
  7. Photons and physical chemistry.
  8. The chemistry of food dyes.
  9. Ionization application in mass spectrometry.
  10. Analyzing bioconjugates in chemical biology.

Biology Research Paper Topics

So, you are pursuing a biology-related career? Your success is dependent on how seriously you take every subject and assignments. To help you learn more and become that biologist of your dreams, here are some great topics for your assignments.

  1. Is cow milk good for your health: Explain?
  2. How does obesity affect human health?
  3. Medical marijuana: Explore its pros and cons.
  4. What are the main types of genetic recombination?
  5. The practice of animal cloning.
  6. Insulin resistance: What are the main causes?
  7. Genome mapping.
  8. The ethics of animal testing.
  9. Should prescription drugs be advertised on television?
  10. Analyzing the top five genetic engineering techniques.

Child Development Research Paper Topics

Child development is one of the most exciting areas of study today. It allows you to analyze the social, emotional, and cognitive changes that a child goes through at different stages. These top ten topics allow you to dig deeper into child development and enjoy better grades.

  1. How do children change over the first twelve years?
  2. What are the benefits of studying child development?
  3. Does the environment really contribute to child development?
  4. Are children more intelligent compared to average adults?
  5. Ego development in the life of a child.
  6. Explaining the stages of psychological development in children.
  7. Can music help to increate vials and attention skills in children?
  8. The four forms of parenting: Which one do you prefer?
  9. Comparing the cognitive development of kids growing in urban and rural areas.
  10. What are the impacts of video games on children’s social and cognitive development?

Macroeconomics Research Paper Topics

Macroeconomics is a very broad subject that includes areas such as global trade, supply chains, production expenses, and pricing & competition. But the broadness also raises the risk of selecting a topic that is not motivating for your assignment. To be sure of crafting an A-rated macroeconomics paper, here are some hot topics to consider:

  1. Demonstrating how the global stock markets work.
  2. Analyzing the Israel’s economic success.
  3. Perfect competition: How does it work?
  4. Discussing the impact of demand and supply.
  5. What roles do banks play in economic growth?
  6. Discussing the causes of the 2008-2009 financial crisis.
  7. Is it possible to double the UK GDP in 2020?
  8. Do cryptocurrencies have a future in the global economy?
  9. Labor organizations: What are their roles in the EU?
  10. Post Brexit EU: Will it be stronger or weaker?

Music Research Paper Topics

We all enjoy good music and is considered a blessing. For music students, the thrill comes from being able to craft high-quality assignments. Therefore, start by picking great topics from the list we have provided below.

  1. Evaluating the effect of music genre on how the brain works.
  2. Discuss music theory.
  3. A closer look at music evolution in the 19th century.
  4. Analyzing the impact of the music industry in the US economy.
  5. Music use in education: Is it effective?
  6. What are the effects of using music in commercials?
  7. Teaching music to the younger generation.
  8. Analyzing the music used in Shakespeare's work.
  9. Analyze the different music genres used in the music industry today.
  10. The philosophy of music.

Religion Research Paper Topics

The following religion research paper ideas are devoted to helping you look deeper into religious beliefs, behaviors, history, and institutions. Check them closely to pick the one which is more fulfilling to work on.

  1. Would society be better without religion?
  2. How does technology affect religion?
  3. Discuss the origin of the papacy in the history of the Roman Catholic Church.
  4. A closer look at religious cults in ancient societies.
  5. Can science and religion coexist?
  6. Can believing in religion make us happy?
  7. The existence of God as a supernatural being.
  8. The concept of soul and religion.
  9. Discuss the consideration that children are innocent from a religious viewpoint.
  10. Comparing Islamic and Christian history.

Good Research Paper Topics

  1. Does wealth really influence the behavior of men?
  2. Your choice is influenced by consumer culture and you don’t even know it.
  3. Would you support your best friend if he were gay?
  4. The 5 most effective methods to escape depression.
  5. Playing with your kids helps develop essential skills.
  6. Here are the most frightening consequences of sleep deprivation.
  7. How the Battle of Hastings influenced England’s history.
  8. What caused the War of 1812 and why?
  9. A short description of the Renaissance Humanism period.
  10. 越南战争改变了美国人的方式如何of life.

Interesting Research Paper Topics

  1. What is a monopoly and how does it affect a marketplace?
  2. What is elasticity when it comes to economics?
  3. Analyzing the economics of labor in the British Colonies.
  4. Suicide should not be perceived as a crime nowadays.
  5. Discussing the criminalization of abortions.
  6. Would you donate organs? When?
  7. The 5 things that invariable change the pricing system in an economy.
  8. Should we change our current tax system?
  9. The differences between private and public healthcare facilities.
  10. Analyzing the chemistry of a McDonalds burger.

Easy Research Paper Topics

  1. Is the cybersecurity of our school effective?
  2. How e-business changed the world in just a decade.
  3. The most effective way to tackle hate crimes.
  4. Why gun control will never work in the US.
  5. How did the Patriot Act lower the risk of terrorist attacks?
  6. The impact of mandatory minimum sentencing on the Latino community.
  7. Should drug testing be made mandatory in school?
  8. How nicotine messes with your brain.
  9. The brutal effects of hazing in schools.
  10. Do intelligence tests really reflect the truth?

Controversial Research Paper Topics

  1. Home schooling versus private schooling: Which is better?
  2. How global warming is changing the way we live.
  3. The correlation between cattle enterprises and the greenhouse effect.
  4. Why are divorce rates on the rise in the US?
  5. Here is how the HIV infection works
  6. Are weight loss supplements really helping us?
  7. Analyzing media bias and political influence.
  8. What is causing our budget deficit?
  9. Freedom of religion is leading to religious conflicts.
  10. The best response to bioterrorism.

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