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1. State your topic

Briefly highlight the major idea to be discussed in the paper.

2. What is your conclusion?

Provide a clear answer to the research question. What's your major outcome?

3. What arguments do you have to prove your point?

State at least one strong reason why your conclusion is valid.

4. Additional argument to support your conclusion.

Add more supportive arguments - for instance, statistics or the expert opinion.

5. What is your counterargument:

As a rule, thesis statements are rather controversial, so, there may be the arguments opposed to the main thesis.

1. Even though there is a risk of AI becoming more intelligent than humans and getting out of control, there is no doubt that AI technology will have a great positive impact on the modern technology because it can perform routine tasks without any mistakes and it can make logical decisions without involvement of human emotions.

2. Provided that AI can make logical decisions without involvement of human emotions and it can perform routine tasks without any mistakes, there is no doubt that AI technology will have a great positive impact on the modern technology.

3. Surely, there is no doubt that AI technology will have a great positive impact on the modern technology, because it can perform routine tasks without any mistakes and it can make logical decisions without involvement of human emotions.

4. Regardless of the fact that there is a risk of AI becoming more intelligent than humans and getting out of control, there is no doubt that AI technology will have a great positive impact on the modern technology.

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让我们开始这个备用的基础知识ive post:

What is a Thesis Statement?

Thesis statementis the final sentence in the introduction, which expresses the main idea of an essay or a research paper. It may either be an argumentative or expository paper. A thesis makes a claim which answers a question directly.

Do all clear? We move on to another new section:

With this free thesis statement generator, you can complete your assignment painstakingly and stand chances of attaining a top grade.

How to Work With This Generator

Here are simple steps on how you can work with this thesis generator and make the most out of it:

1. Use brief sentences to furnish us with all the necessary information.

2. Ensure that you enter your text and title into the text box.

3. In your response, avoid using capital letters.

4. To get your free samples, press the "Generate Thesis" button.

5. After exploring the four options presented to you, settle on one that best suits your interests.

And you are done just like that! No complex space aeronautics. As if that is not enough, you will love this next part of this post:

Major Types of Thesis Statements

Now, preciseness in writing peculiar and mind provoking introductions depends on your understanding of how to make a thesis statement. It is possible by first grasping the requirements of the different thesis statement types. Let us explore some of them together with thesis statement examples on each of these types:

An Analytical Thesis Statement

Such a thesis statement breaks down an idea or a subject into its different parts. After that, it gives an evaluation of the topic and presents the analysis order to the reader.

In other words, the topic to be analyzed is stated, and then how it will be broken down. Here is an example of the same:

“冠状病毒的分析情况显示e challenge facing our health sector: inadequate equipment and personnel to handle health pandemics."

Argumentative Thesis Statement

In this essay, the writer will create his argument by giving his stance on the particular debatable topic. A combination of this position of the writer, together with the claims backing them up is the argument.

With an argumentative thesis statement, you take up a stance on a given subject and convince your readers of this stance. It is what makes an argumentative thesis peculiar to an explanatory thesis statement as we are going to see in the next type.

There are many argumentative thesis statement examples, but this one here will serve the purpose better.

For instance, if you are given the assignment to write about whether countries should go into lockdown, this is how your argumentative thesis statement would look like:

"Countries should go into lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic. Many of the cases are arising from movements in and out of them." Your paper would, therefore, defend this stand of the argument.

Thesis Statement for Informative Speech

It is one that is broad enough to cover all aspects of the paper but narrowly stays on a specific topic. When writing this thesis statement, you give the most meaningful aspects of the problem and explain them in the next part, which is the body of your paper.

Example of too broad:"Social media use has consequences."

Example of too narrow:"Social media use in America has resulted in the suicide of two teenagers."

Example of available thesis:"Incidents of social media use in America among teenagers have led to an increased number of suicides in the last five years."

Thesis Statement For Compare and Contrast Essay

Such an essay compares two states or ideas for purposes of reaching a substantive conclusion. Its thesis statement, therefore, gives the reader an insight into the results of the comparison. It also provides the expectation from the essay.

Here is an example:"While both face masks and gloves have their implications, both offer several advantages over washing hands."

Thesis Statement About Bullying

To better write such a thesis statement, you should place yourself in the victim's shoes. Try to give an analysis of the possible consequences and effects of this practice among students. It should attract attention and with a convincing statement.

Example:"Parents play a critical role in modelling their children's behaviour. Nevertheless, the aggressive behaviour of their children today is not entirely their fault."

After that fascinating look at the various thesis statement types, we are going to explore one more interesting aspect:

Typical Structure of Thesis Statements

We look at the different parts of a thesis statement with examples to help you get started:

The Topic

It is the stance you wish to take in your essay.

For instance:The Coronavirus situation in Africa

A Reasoning Blueprint

It gives a skeleton of how you intend to defend the position you chose.

Sample:How the coronavirus has led to pressure and strain on African health systems

At this juncture, you may be wondering, how long is a thesis statement? Well, the standard length should be a single sentence, at least two lines, with about 30 to 40 words long. The thesis generator gives you all the help you need with writing a thesis statement.

For a top notch place tobuy thesisstatement, settle on one which provides the reader with full details of what to expect in the essay, nothing more than that. Do not waste words; they are as precious as gold in this part.

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