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Welcome to Our Free Citation Generator

It would be a demeanor for any researcher, student, or professional to underestimate the power of citation. However, many still grapple with its application, especially with the different styles and formats. That is where our online citation machine comes in; to simplify this for you!

What is a Citation Generator?

It is a fast and efficient tool that helps you cite sources in a specific citation style effortlessly. It lifts the burden of you having to type the sources word for word manually. Our free citation generator automatically does this with accurate results.

Citations can come in two different forms:

  • In-text citations
  • References (works cited)

Our reputable website citation generator supports the following citation styles:

  • APA(第六版,第七版)
  • MLA (8th edition)

You might be asking, what about the Harvard style? Well, we are working hard to ensure that we avail it as soon as possible. We use industry-standard citation styles to ensure that your paper is in line with your institution’s citation policy.

Here is a brief glimpse into the two styles on our fantastic online citation generator:

MLA Citation Generator For Your Paper

MLA stands for Modern Language Association. It is one of the frequently used citations by academicians to cite their sources. With our top-notch MLA citation generator, you can make references in the following papers:

  • Liberal arts
  • Humanities
  • Literature
  • Language subject areas among many others

When using this citation style, you should format your research paper in the following ways:

  • Have 1-inch margins on the top, bottom, and sides
  • Indent the first word in every paragraph one half inch
  • Use the 12-point size
  • Double-space (the whole research paper)
  • Use an easy to read type font, preferably, Times New Roman

These are just, but a few of the guidelines for an MLA cited paper.

So, what does our free MLA generator do? First, you can get citations for the following papers:

  • Journal articles (online and print)
  • 研究reports
  • Blogs
  • Films etc.

Now, there are two components of an MLA citation, namely:

  • In-text citation: Found inside the paper
  • Works cited: Found at the end of your paper

Using our generator for citations, this is how an MLA citation will look like:

For Works cited:

Pence Timothy and Kim Keller. Citing Sources and Referencing: A Quick Guide. Edited by Mary Trump and Douglas Lennon, 3rd ed., 2019.

For In-text citation:

(Jefferson and Maliah 11–12)

Our citation machine uses all the nine core elements of MLA to generate the quotes. These are:

  • 作者。
  • “Title of the Source.”
  • Title of the Container,
  • Other contributors,
  • Version,
  • Number,
  • Publisher,
  • Publication date,
  • Location.

All you need to do is to include the relevant information to the type of source you’re citing.

APA Citation Generator

APA is one of the most common citation styles used by students in behavioral, psychological, and social sciences. It stands for the American Psychological Association, an organization that specializes in psychology.

Due to its popularity in science, many take it as a rather complicated citation style. However, with our modern APA style citation generator, you can carry out this task painstakingly and effectively.

Are you wondering what you will gain from our free APA citation generator?

  1. Parenthetical (In-text) Citations

They are found in the body of a paper. These are as a result of direct quotations or paraphrasing. They are made up of only the name(s) of the author(s), date, and page number(s), if applicable.

For example: According to new findings… (Cortney, 2019).

Courtney (2019) notes that…

  1. References

They come in the final part of a project. The reference section is a compilation of all the sources used in a paper. The references show: “the name of the author, date of publication, title, publisher, URL, and other critical pieces of information.

For example:

Fredrick, J. (2018, July 13). How to use a citation generator.https://www.citinggenerator.com/thesis/literature-review/

Our APA citation generator follows the basic formatting guidelines:

  • Hanging indent (half an inch)
  • Legible font
  • Double-space
  • Page number in the top-right header

With this citation generator on APA, you can turn hours of work into minutes.

Benefits of Using our Citation Machine

These online citation generators will guarantee you the following advantages:

  1. Ease of use
  2. You do not have to go through a five-hour-long process, access our site, enter the relevant information, and generate your citations.

  3. Impact on academic efficiency
  4. Our citation machine enables you to export and import a wide range of online databases easily. We automatically store the information on the imported data, web-links, and data sources.

  5. Customer-friendly support system
  6. We offer a 24/7 customer management system to respond to all your queries and navigate our site thick and fast.

  7. Flexibility in bibliographic styles
  8. You can easily choose from the different citation styles (APA and MLA) found on our citation machine. No need to move from one web page to another, all you need is readily available.

  9. Clear and accurate results
  10. Our automated citation generation system follows a set of algorithms to come up with up to date, factual, and credible sources. Better still, it follows the standard citation guidelines.

  11. Downloadable to MS Word
  12. After generating your sources on our machine, you can download your reference list to the word. Depending on the citation style used, the downloaded file is readily set in either MLA or APA.

  13. An easy to use self-help option
  14. We have an explanatory tooltip option to help you in case you are stuck. It saves you time and money!

  15. No costs, no limitations, no ads
  16. The beauty with our citation generator is that it is free. Unlike other sites where you will find nagging ads popping up now and then, ours is devoid of this nuisance. We have no limit on the number of citations you can make on our generator.

  17. Lightning-fast auto cite
  18. Speed is critical in everything. That is why our site is devoted to fast results within seconds after keying in all the relevant details. In a blink of an eye, you will get your citation and move on with your research paper.

  19. You don’t need any specialized training.
  20. To use our site, all you need is basic computer knowledge. Who doesn’t know how to copy and paste, right-click, and left click? That is all you need!

How to Use Our Free Citation Generator

To use our citation machine:

  • First, select the style you wish to use (MLA or APA)
  • Then choose the type of item you need to cite (book, article, magazine, etc.)
  • Key in all the relevant information required by the Citation Machine (author, date, title, etc.)
  • Lastly, click the “Generate Citation” button

As easy as that, and you are good to go!

After generating your sources, double-check that the citation is correct. Ensure that there are no disparities between what you entered and the results you get.

Make use of our revolutionary citation machine for your literature review, bibliography of project reports, dissertations, and theses.

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