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Grammar Checker

Good grammar is one of the most important things for students in college, especially when writing their essays. When you have a good command of grammar, attaining academic excellence becomes simpler and fun. However, it is a big challenge for most students, with some of them scoring failing grades in their assignments because of poor grammar. One of the best ways out of this challenge is using the free grammar checker, which allows you to refine your assignments for better grades. You should also consider essay andcustom dissertation services. Here is a demonstration of how grammar checker works.

Common Grammar Mistakes of College Students

If you have been wondering “how to check my paper free for grammar online,” it is advisable to start by understanding common mistakes that students make. Here are some of them:

  • 拼写Mistakes

If you pick any random paper done by college students, the chances are that you will find a number of spelling mistakes. Take the example of homophones, which are words with different meanings but are pronounced the same, such as "site" and "sight." Because they are not really misspellings, they easily escape the notice of your computer's spell-check. Other words that are mistaken include, to, too, and two; affect and effect; bear and bare; and hear and here.

  • Missing Commas after Introductory Phrase

An introductory element, such as a clause, word, or phrase, is used to provide additional background info about what you are writing about. By adding a comma, you are able to separate the background info from the rest of the sentence and clarify what the subject is. But most students often forget adding the comma. The comma is only optional if the introduction element is short. See the two sentences below:

Correct:While the baby was sleeping, Helen decided to take a shower.

Wrong:While the baby was sleeping Helen decided to take a shower.

  • Comma Splicing

This mistake is very common when a comma is used to separate two sentences that could otherwise be two sentences. In order to fix the mistake, check my grammar tool suggests that you to use a semicolon, conjunction, or asks you to rewrite the entire sentence.

Although these are the common mistakes to most students' papers, they are not the only ones. Using grammar checker allows you also to note and correct mistakes such as spelling mistakes, wordiness, run-on sentences, and comma misuse.

How to Use Our Free Grammar Checker

Can I check my paper for grammar free? Grammar checker was designed to make checking your paper for grammar easy, free, and convenient. And now, it is possible to also “check my paper for plagiarism free”. So, if you have been wondering "how do I check my paper for free", here are the main steps to follow when using the grammar checker.

  • 先写你的论文文本:注意,甚至though grammar check is a great option to “check my paper for errors," it is important to start by reviewing it to catch any stray thoughts or words and bring them to order.
  • Visit this page to check the grammar: This will give you the user interface to use for the paper check. At this point, go back to your document, copy it, and paste it to the checking interface.
  • Use "check text" button: With your text on the grammar checker’s checking interface, you can identify the common errors such as spelling mistakes and get grammar suggestions. Apply the suggested corrections and go through the paper again to ensure that it reads the way you want.

Moreover, this tool is capable of detecting more mistakes such as dangling modifiers and run-on sentences. Make sure to also go through the paper to ensure all the ideas are flowing well before submitting it.

Seek Help with Professional Editors

To make the process of checking your papers for errors easy, Grammar Checker also allows you to use professional editors. You canpay for your term paperto be edited and checked for grammar and plagiarism. These are experts in academic writing who will look at every sentence, words, and all aspects of your paper to ensure it is flawless. And if you are wondering, “will the experts check my paper for plagiarism,” the answer is, yes. They will revise your essay fast, allowing you to focus on other things and present a flawless assignment to your teacher for a better grade.

For a student in college, the two most disturbing questions are “Can I check my paper for plagiarism free?” and “Can I check my research paper for free?" The free grammar check online atMy Paper Writeris a free tool that allows students to do more than check paper for grammar. By further offering experts to edit your work, it means that you are sure of one thing with your assignments and revision papers: excellence.

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